Chemical Films

Chemical Films

Materials qualified produce coatings that range in color from clear to iridescent yellow or brown. Inspection difficulties may arise with Type 2 clear coatings because visual inspection does not reveal the presence of a coating.


Class 1A

1A chemical conversion coatings are intended to provide zinc phosphate coatings may be used when corrosion prevention when left unpainted as well as to improve paint and supplemental oil coatings are required adhesion of paint finish systems on aluminum alloys. May be used for various parts and assemblies. on tanks, tubings and component structures where paint finishes are required for the exterior surfaces but not required for interior surfaces.

Class 3

Class 3 chemical conversion coatings are intended for use as corrosion preventive film for electrical and electronic applications where lower resistant contacts are required. The primary difference between Class 1A and Class 3 coating is thickness.

Type 1

Contains Hex chrome for both Class 1A and Class 3

Type 2

Non Hex chrome, ROHS compliant for both Class 1A and Class 3. Clear in color.




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